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What is the difference between Kickboxing and Muay Thai?

In the last twenty years, the distinction between Kickboxing and Muay Thai have blurred with the proliferation of sanctioning organizations, sponsored sporting events, and fighting rule sets. Previously, I described the origins of Kickboxing and Muay Thai. These are fighting sports that appear very similar to the uninformed or novice. I’ll discuss what is the […]

Chinese dragon

The Difference Between the Dragon Dance and the Lion Dance

The Lunar New Year ends with the lantern festival, signaled by the arrival of dancers. The most impressive is the Dragon Dance featuring a long serpentine dragon hoisted by many people. The other dance featured at the Lunar New Year is the Lion Dance, in which two acrobatic or martial arts trained people to delight […]

new years day on calendar

6 Tips for an Unbeatable New Year’s Resolution

It is the time of the year to set your new resolution. What is the resolution? Think of it as a goal for the next year. You want to start something or stop something. Usually, that something is a behavior or habit. Experience and cultural expectations tell us that you’ll stop implanting your resolution by […]

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Is Kempo Karate Effective for the Streets?

The theater is dark. The colossal screen depicts two men locked in hand-to-hand combat. The immense sound emanates from the large speakers surrounding your seat. The music drives the action, punch, block, kick, throw, kip-up, and repeat. Movie fight scenes are epic. They are also choreographed and rehearsed for days by trained professionals. Does this […]