Joyous New Year to the Leopard Legion

Charter school of Philippine Martial Arts Alliance

We begin with some good news this year—happy New Year from Golden Leopard Kempo. Our school continues to expand and enhance our services for Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu, Empower Kickboxing, Philippine Combatives, and Grappling. The mission of Golden Leopard Kempo is to promote and provide the best training to take our students from ordinary to extraordinary.

First, we have become a charter member of the Philippine Martial Arts Alliance, founded by my good friend and instructor Guro Julius Melegrito. Our dojo can perform an official test in Philippine Combatives authorized and recognized by the PMAA worldwide. Dues for all students are an additional $50 per year and provide access to the current curriculum contact via the PMAA website. All Philippine Combative students will review lessons online from home or on the road.

Second, we begin our second year of Empower Kickboxing curriculum starting on January 3. John Graden, a protegé of Joe Lewis, developed the Empower Kickboxing curriculum to make effective kickboxing faster and easier. The new year will feature more in-depth striking skills from the Joe Lewis Fighting System.

Our resident jujitsu expert, Coach Rachel has demonstrated challenging warm-up exercises to develop foundational skills and grappling. We’ll all look silly doing these mat exercises, but the body control and mobility we’ll gain are worth it. Catch it before she returns to Hawai’i.

These three items should make this year even more successful at the dojo school. Our primary goal is to move into a larger facility with better equipment this year. Look for an announcement of the new location sometime this year.

Remember to become extraordinary in your life; you must train hard, train often, and train with intensity. See you in class.


  • Bryan Bagnas

    Master and Founder of Golden Leopard Kempo Martial Arts School, teaching Philippine Combatives, Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu, Combat Kickboxing, Hawaiian Shaolin Kempo, and Self-Defense to San Diego students for over three decades.

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