gauges and adapting

Understanding Adapting, Adjustment and Gauging Points

There you are, surrounded by a sea of bystanders. The large mass of angry human flesh stands before you. Saliva spews from his mouth as he yells obscenities at you. In a panic, you swing your fist wildly, missing the prominent chin by many inches. Where did all your training go? Where a fight starts […]

Monkey style block against street fighters

One of the key strengths of the monkey is its adaptability. Therefore it behooves the student to practice in street clothes, in their normal shoes and in common environments like doorways, small rooms, and so on. This type of training is also found in our Filipino Arnis and Japanese Ninjutsu traditions. By removing the shock […]

It is important to know and prepare for self-defense

I. LAYING PLANS The first chapter is called laying plans. It stresses building a foundation from which to rest all your skills and assets. I equate this with learning how to stand, punch, kick and move properly. There is no sense if rushing the process so you can be effective earlier. Rather it is better […]