Grandmaster Olivier breaking bricks in a demonstration

Grandmaster Olivier’s Breaking Seminar: A Smashing Good Time

Grand Master Olivier began his seminar with a brief history of breaking. He highlighted the following points. Tibetan monks started the art of breaking. Shaolin monks continued developing the craft. GM Olivier’s breaking art comes from the Shorinji Kempo system. According to the Grandmaster, warfare is the crucial element in a martial way. Without conflict,

Categorize techniques into family groups

Technique Family Groups

Based on Grandmaster Ed Parker’s Web of Knowledge, our curriculum organizes our techniques into nine categories or groups. These make up the core curriculum and are the foundation of the numbered techniques, for example, Punch Defense 3, Kick Defense 1, Grab Defense 4, or Hold Defense 8. Punch/punches: The attacker strikes the victim with a

support local shops

8 Ways To Support Local Business While Practicing Social Distancing

The world is a crazy place right now. Especially here in California, where coronavirus has us all staying home and being responsible for our social distancing responsibilities. Many people are left wondering what to do as they find themselves thrust into the world of homeschooling, telecommuting, and even unemployment. With the recent mandates by government

ninja kids

At-Home Training Program for Our Young Students

We understand that COVID-19 is causing many significant events, schools, and other social gatherings to cancel their events. In the wake of this extraordinary situation, many families are choosing (or ordered by the Governor) to self-isolate. Therefore, we are taking pro-active measures to help students stay on course. Our school has partnered up with one