a bartender shaking a mixture for a cocktail drink.

Shaken, Not Stirred

Picture the scene—a grand European casino filled with well-dressed patrons. A strikingly handsome spy stands at the craps table. He replies to the waitress asking for his drink, “A martini, shaken, not stirred.” There is a difference between shaking and stirring—words and mindset matter. Eventually, the theme song begins, and some criminal attacks the heroic […]

Distance Training

Over the years I seen lots of students leave the school. Many of these long time students were also family members. Most of them still wish to train in Kempo with me yet the shear distance involved doesn’t facilitate the desire. To solve this dilemma I’ve decided to do something anathema to “true” martial arts […]

Kali’s Angles

There are an infinite variety of attacks that can come to you, yet they all must travel along one of the 360 degrees that make up a circle. Of these 360 angles (or degrees), you can reduce the number further still to eight. Practice attacks along these eight primary angles and you can address an […]

Unbalanced Point

Have you ever tried to knock over a tripod? It isn’t easy. It’s far easier to knock over a two-legged table. Humans have two legs. We would naturally fall over if it weren’t for our joints, muscles and tendons. Still, we have the capacity to fall over and often we do. In Kempo, we use […]

Strike with the Elbow

The effectiveness of Kempo lies in its ability to produce effective power and accurate targeting in strikes. Those two elements are the basis for all martial arts training – how hard can you hit and where do you hit. Power in your punches is increased incrementally starting with proper posture and arm rotation. There are […]