A Winner Never Quits And A Quitter Never Wins

A winner's medal

When I was younger, I loved the movie Rocky starring Sylvester Stallone. Who didn’t love the film at the time? It was a hit at the theaters. In the closing fight against Apollo Creed, Rocky bruised, bloody, swollen eyes, yet Rocky keeps on fighting. It’s not until Rocky 2 that Balboa can finally defeat Creed in another tough fight. Rocky keeps fighting, training, and working until he can achieve his victory.

“The difference between a champion and a contender is attitude.”

You need to develop a burning desire to win. You want to win so bad that you’ll train hard, train often, and gain experience in the ring or the event you want to win. In short, you’ll do what it takes to win, and that means preparation.

There’s another aspect of attitude that will help you also. You can gain a winning perspective with visualization. Here are three steps you can use to visualize your success.

Visualize in a quiet place

You’ll need a comfortable chair or pad on the floor. Sit with a straight back, arms and legs relaxed. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply using slow, circular breathing. This breathing prepares your mind to internalize your visualization.

Visualize the task or fight

Use Rocky as your example. Picture yourself as Rocky preparing for the fight. See yourself doing this workout montage, the meat locker, the jump rope, and then running down the street. Now visualize yourself as Rocky, in your trunks, walking into the arena. Feel the cheering crowds, the ring ropes, the bounce of the floor, the bright lights, and the anticipation. Pound your gloves together. See yourself in the fight with Apollo Creed.

Visualize your success

The final step is visualizing your success. Don’t be easy on yourself. It would be best if you had realistic expectations. The path to victory will be a struggle. Continuing as Rocky, see yourself trading blows with Creed. Sweat splattering all over. Muscles are aching. Keep punching. Keep moving. Dodge and weave in the ring. Shake off any hits Creed lands on your face or body.

Anticipate his moves. Slip his attacks and counter with mighty blows. Keep hitting. See yourself delivering the winning knock out punch. See Apollo Creed fall, unconscious. You won. Your corner team rushes the ring and lifts you. See yourself put on the championship belt. Lift your arms in the air. See success.

In addition to training, conditioning, and preparation, you need an attitude to win. Build that attitude with visualization using these three steps. Your mind will aid you when your body begins to fail. Use mind over matter to push through when you have an exhausted body. Never give up. You will win. Push forward until you are victorious. See it. Know it. Do it.