5 Ways to Develop Your Self-Confidence

imaginative and confident child wearing a pilot's outfit

If you desire a healthy self-confidence that carries you through overwhelming times and drives you to achieve your most far-reaching goals, Kempo Karate is for you. Self-confidence is the internal belief that you can do things and stand on your own. Others around you will notice the confidence that makes them like you more, find you more attractive, and see you as a natural leader. Self-confidence is not a natural-born trait; you can learn and nurture it. Anyone can use these five steps to gain self-confidence.

1) Correct Body Posture

The importance of proper body posture is paramount. We all send hidden, sub-conscious messages with our body language and the way we carry ourselves. Carry yourself with pride, confidence, and security. Carry yourself like a successful person, and your confidence will show.

2) Proper Eye Contact

Making appropriate eye contact when speaking to others has a significant effect on the conversation. Have you ever been talking to somebody and instantly felt connected? Like you’ve known this person forever? Chances are, they understand the importance of body language and proper eye-contact.

3) Goal Setting

Most people understand the importance of the goal-setting process. Why do most people miss their mark? Because they don’t have the discipline and confidence to see the goal through. Our rank progression and leadership program teach you the right way to set goals and achieve them!

4) Communication.

Inspiring those around you is critical to getting what you want. Whether the people you communicate with are your children, co-workers, employees, or a boss, good leaders are inspirational. We teach this effective formula in our GOLD Team program.

5) Mentors

All of the skills above, a healthy body and mind combined with a good mentor or two, will make all the world difference for your happiness and success. A mentor can guide you to resources, inspire you to do well, and help you avoid re-inventing the wheel.


Improve your body posture, eye-contact, goal setting, communication skills, and a mentor will improve your self-confidence. There is no better way to feel better about yourself and present yourself to the world than a strong dose of confidence—set goals for yourself to begin developing these six areas. To gain the most momentum, work on the low-hanging fruit first. This strategy means doing the easy things first, then catapulting your confidence to those quick successes to tackle the more challenging goals. Making progress is very uplifting, and you’ll feel great with the results.

Self-confidence is something you can build and change. It just requires your desire to take action.

Enroll in Kempo Karate classes at our San Diego school to get a head start on your confidence achievement.