Self Defense Basics, No Kempo Required

The title is a little misleading, it should be 8 Tips for Simple Self-Defense. We’ll indeed be discussing self-defense basics. However, the “no Kempo required” is meant to reflect the mental aspects presented herein. The following strategies are part of Kempo art. They are the little-known treasures of martial arts—mental preparedness. There are eight key […]

The Hidden Value of Antiquated Techniques

Many people have heard the phrase, “Throw out what doesn’t work, keep what does.” I have seen many martial artists stop practicing or teaching certain “older” techniques because they think those methods are antiquated. These older techniques involve situations or things that are no longer common in the modern age. However, you never know when […]

Ghestalting: Remember Your Kempos

“I can’t remember that technique!” Do you recall saying this? Does your instructor show you the technique again, and you say, “Oh, I used to know that?” If these comments are familiar, then you must endeavor to learn these techniques more thoroughly. Martial arts moves must be more than familiar; you must remember the movements […]