GOLD Team Program: Leadership Training

Learn how to lead, teach, and mentor

GOLD stands for Goal-Oriented Leadership Development. This program includes comprehensive leadership skills training that builds personal character and life skills. The GOLD Team Program creates a solid, high-quality leadership team, exemplifying the student body. Benefits of the program include:

  • Personal development through character enrichment
  • Effective communication to individuals and groups
  • Leadership skills are essential for getting groups to work together
  • Motivation skills and how to maintain them in a group setting
  • How to teach our curriculum effectively
  • Mentoring other students to help them stay focused on their goals

The GOLD TEAM is (usually) made up of Advanced Training Club or Black Belt Club members who show excellent interpersonal skills and a super-winning attitude. Acceptance of the GOLD team is based mainly upon great attitude, world-class effort, and consistent attendance. Having an Olympic-level technique is not required.

This program allows a student interested in taking a leadership role to be mentored under a Certified Master Instructor. GOLD Team members are eligible for Junior Assistant Instructor (at lower rank classes) and attend staff workouts and meetings.

GOLD Team is the first step in the journey to becoming a Kempo or Martial Arts Instructor. A candidate student must show a passion for the art of Kempo and excel at displaying all the moral tenets Karazenpo go Shinjutsu / Hawaiian Shaolin Kempo. The candidate should also demonstrate a desire to share their knowledge with others and maintain a goal of Black Belt Excellence.

For our younger members (Keiki Kempo), we require a report card that reflects good behavior and good grades along with permission from their parents. To be considered for GOLD, a student would inform the Senior Instructor of their interest. [Edit: Keiki Kempo is now Ninja Kids]

GOLD team members are considered leaders of our school and trained to assist in classes and our professional instructors. It makes a great place to start if you are interested in eventually teaching martial arts as a job or career.

Membership Rules

  • It would be best if you were at least 5 minutes early for the classes you are mentoring.
  • If you cannot make class, you must call the school and call someone on the list to fill in for you.
  • Always be in a good mood, don’t come in if you are less than 100% (positive attitude, good health, fully rested). Anything less, and you are a distraction to the students and parents.
  • Someone always needs help. Seek students who need help out and offer your assistance.
  • You must wear a clean school shirt underneath your clean Kempo uniform.
  • You are off the team if you miss three times without calling the school or calling someone to fill in for you.

“Golden Leopard Kempo’s Instructors share a common goal. It has the passion, enthusiasm, and pride to teach and help others become successful. Having the ability to motivate and encourage students to challenge themselves mentally, spiritually, and physically, to set goals and to achieve them.” — Master Bagnas.

Golden Leopard Kempo’s Instructors and GOLD Leadership Team are personally taught and mentored by Master Bagnas in GLKO’s extensive GOLD Instructor Training Program (Goal-Oriented Development).

Golden Leopard Kempo expects and seeks high standards from its students. Regular attendance at weekly and monthly Instructor Training Sessions with Master Bagnas is mandatory. GLKO’s GOLD Team will attend professional development courses, workshops, and seminars throughout the year. Finally, First Aid, CPR, or babysitting certifications are mandatory requirements each year to ensure student and community safety. Remember that we are warriors in and outside the Dojo.

“We make the ordinary extraordinary” – Golden Leopard Kempo motto.

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