Taking Risks: A Road To Success

A road to success

To succeed in life, you must be willing to take risks. Taking risks can result in achieving goals or growing as a person and martial artist. Trying something new or challenging is the definition of risk-taking. But don’t take risks to try something new; instead, it would help to consider the rewards or benefits of taking risks.

Think about the difference between a “positive” risk and a “negative” risk. You will understand good versus bad risks when you have a good character. For example, skipping a family event to be with your friends is not a positive risk because your family members will know you weren’t with them. There is no reward or benefit for such a risk.

Are you a good risk-taker? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • You speak to a group at an event. Would you:
    1. Practice in front of your friends, and then go for it?
    2. Lie and say that you have other plans that night.
    3. Skip the invitation because you’ve never given a speech?
  • You are not a very good swimmer, but your friends want to play water polo in the pool’s deep end. Would you:
    1. Refuse to join your friends because you are not comfortable swimming in deep water?
    2. Lie and tell your friends that your arm hurts?
    3. Jump into the deep water and hope that you don’t drown.
  • Your friends want to learn how to water-ski from a professional instructor. Would you:
    1. Water-ski once you have the proper instructions?
    2. Lie and tell your friends that you have an injury.
    3. Don’t water-ski because you are afraid of the water?

If you select answer “1” to all the questions above, you know when and where to take risks. Knowing the difference between reasonable and dangerous risks is very important for your safety. Make sure you understand each situation before making a decision. Test your courage by trying new activities if you can do them safely. Remember, taking reasonable risks can lead to many new opportunities and experiences in your life.


  • Melody Johnson

    Melody Johnson has over 25 years of experience in Martial Arts. Johnson (formerly Melody Shuman) earned her black belt in 1988 in New Orleans, and since then has achieved many accomplishments in her Martial Arts journey. Johnson is the creator of the famed ‟Little Ninja” curriculum and now heads Skillz International featuring age-specific child development.

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