Ninja Kids Belt Ranks

Our Children’s program, called Ninja Kids, utilizes four groups of belt ranks that follow the same pattern reflected in the traditional Kempo program. All new students begin with a white belt representing a brand new student to our school. After that rank, each student will progress through nine belt-stages of each program. At the final rank of brown, the young student is allowed to apply for the next program level even if they are not in the appropriate age range. Completion of the previous program demonstrates their maturity to move on. When the brown belt passes the new program’s evaluation, that brown belt begins taking classes covering the new set of skills at the next level and begins gaining new ranks.

Ninja Tots (3-4 years old)


Little Ninjas (5-6 years old)


Junior Ninjas (7-9 years old)


Mighty Ninjas (10-12 years old)


When students reach the Mighty Ninja brown belt level, they will prepare for the Junior Black Belt Test. The student will graduate to the Super Ninja module if they complete this test. The Super Ninja is a specialized program that can not be taken without completing the work in another program and reaching the rank of brown belt. Only the best and brightest students can join this program.

These children-level belt ranks provide a proven and systematic way to attain the esteemed rank of Black Belt when they reach the age of 14. The belts represent milestones in the child’s journey from a toddler to an assertive, agile young adult who can perform at extreme levels of athleticism. The journey is long, but the destination remains the same.


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